Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Vacation, Part III- San Diego

After 5 nights in Anaheim and pretty much exclusively on Disney property, we drove down to San Diego for 2 more nights. These pictures are all out of order and it won't let me change them, so bear with me! We checked into our hotel and got a great deal at the Courtyard Marriott thanks to a good friend. It was in a great location and the room was really nice. That night we went to the downtown area of San Francisco because I really wanted to go to the Ghirardelli ice cream shop. So, we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then ice cream.

The next morning we met my friend Amber and her 3 boys at the San Diego Zoo. We had a great morning playing with them, and after they left we stayed a little longer and did one of the bus tours. Lots and lots of thanks to Amber for saving us a ton on admission too! Joel loves zoos, and I was pretty enthralled by the pandas, since most zoos don't have them and they're so darn cute!

That afternoon we went to the Mormon Battalion Museum, which is really nicely done, and a lot of fun. It was also nice to go there because we got to see what they call "Old Town San Diego," which is a really charming part of town.

So, here are the randomly placed pictures from our first night and day in San Diego!

The Mormon Battalion Museum is very informative, and run by missionaries, so it's interesting to talk to them. I guess they mostly have Sister Missionaries who serve a portion of their mission there, kind of like Visitors Centers. But the day we were there was their P-Day, so there were just Senior Missionaries.
I thought the building was beautiful. I read and heard that it's been recently redone. The Sister who toured our group told me that it used to be more of just an open area and now it's an interactive, guided tour. Very fun.
Christopher and a seal at the zoo.
Christopher and Amber's boys climbing on one of the statues. I forgot how much boys like to climb around!
Oh look, more climbing! C1 was so sad when the boys left. He said he wanted to play with them forever! :)
Cute Panda!
Front entrance
The view from our hotel was gorgeous
Half of our hotel room
The San Diego Temple, which I had really wanted to see, but is barely visible right now!

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